Flexible Graphite Conductive Ring Graphite Gasket

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Graphite conductive rings are high quality graphite products designed for a wide range of industrial applications. These products are made from pure graphite material and processed to produce a high level of electrical conductivity, making them ideal for electronics and equipment. Graphite conductive rings are commonly used in the manufacture of motors, generators, and other electrical equipment, where they provide superior performance, reliability, and electrical conductivity. These products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and wear, ensuring they perform consistently over time. Graphite conductive rings are available in a variety of sizes and configurations in graphite finishes, making them suitable for a variety of industrial applications. They are also easy to install and maintain, making them a cost-effective solution for many manufacturing needs. Overall, finished graphite products from graphite conductive rings are a reliable and efficient solution for any company looking to improve equipment performance and reduce maintenance costs.

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Graphite conductive rings play a vital role in the modern industrial production of graphite electrodes and are used to connect graphite furnaces in series. Using these rings during graphitization furnace firing increases overall efficiency and allows for easy and quick part replacement. When used in series, these rings also help minimize the occurrence of electrode end face cracks, resulting in higher output rates and better quality electrode products. Graphite conductive rings have excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, making them very popular and widely used in various industrial environments. Industries that require high-performance conductive materials, such as aerospace and defense, energy and electronics, rely heavily on these rings. The unique chemical composition of graphite rings makes them highly versatile and capable of withstanding high temperature environments. As such, they are widely used in a range of industries requiring high temperature applications, including steel, aluminum and foundry industries. The stability offered by graphite conductive rings and their unique properties make these rings invaluable in modern industrial production, they are ideally suited to ensure production efficiency, reliability and consistent quality.


Variety: various graphite packing, graphite packing ring, spiral wound gasket, graphite wire, etc
Specification: adjusted according to customer requirements
Performance: service temperature: - 200 ℃~800 ℃ (in non oxidizing medium)
Application: various pumps, valves, chemical instruments, metallurgy, electric power, etc., used as static sealing elements

Application area

Various pumps, valves, chemical instruments, metallurgy, electric power, etc. are used as static sealing elements.
Conductive ring: widely used in the industrial production of graphite electrode and in the conductive series connection of graphitizing furnace

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