Fire-resistant Expandable Graphite Material

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Expandable graphite is a distinctive raw material that has a diverse range of applications and uses. This ultra-pure graphite is treated chemically to expand when exposed to heat. This expansion provides numerous benefits, such as increased volume, improved sound insulation, and exceptional fire resistance. Due to its unique properties, expandable graphite finds extensive applications in industries such as construction, automotive, aerospace, and electronics. It is commonly used as a flame retardant in building materials and as an insulator in electronic equipment. Manufacturers prefer using expandable graphite raw materials as they help produce high-quality end products that surpass industry standards. These materials are user-friendly and can be customized to suit specific application requirements. In summary, expandable graphite raw materials are an affordable and dependable solution that can cater to a wide range of manufacturing needs.

  • Specification: 8099180, etc
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    Expandable graphite is a highly desirable product in the industry due to its exceptional properties. This type of graphite is created by subjecting natural, high-quality flake graphite to a unique modification process. During this process, the flake graphite is exposed to a special high-temperature transient treatment, resulting in the formation of a worm-like structure that increases its volume by an impressive 100 to 400 times. Despite this transformation, expanded graphite retains the desirable properties of natural graphite, including excellent formability, flexibility, ductility, and sealing properties. It is an ideal raw material for producing high-quality graphite sheets and seals. Furthermore, expanded graphite can be used in various other applications such as a mold flux or heating agent in the metallurgical industry and a useful flame retardant material for fire departments. This versatile product is in high demand across a range of industries including steel, petrochemical, machinery, aerospace, atomic energy, fire protection, and military. With its exceptional properties and diverse range of applications, expandable graphite is a valuable asset for any industrial activity.


    Variety: 9950250, 9550200, 9980250, 9580200
    Expansion volume: 100-400ml/g


    The material exhibits excellent expandability and the resulting finished products possess exceptional properties including high temperature and radiation resistance, lubrication, plasticity, and chemical stability.

    Application area

    Sealing, lubrication, fireproof materials, etc.

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