500mm Electric Heating Film Electric Heating Film Coiled Material Or Sheet

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Graphite (olefin) self limiting electric heating film is made of conductive polymer thermistor material with positive temperature coefficient effect (PTC) and graphene slurry in a certain proportion.

  • Product material: PET/PVC (coating material)
  • Product specification: 500mm wide
  • Working power: 220W ± 10% (customizable)
  • Operating temperature: 50 ℃
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    Graphite self-limiting temperature electric heating film, which utilizes conductive polymer thermistor materials with a positive temperature coefficient effect (PTC) and a graphene slurry in a specific ratio, is a remarkable electric heating film. This film has the ability to adjust its power output based on ambient and heating temperature. As the temperature increases, the power decreases, and vice versa, ensuring that the heating temperature remains within a designated safety range even under limited heat dissipation conditions.
    By utilizing this technology, the electric heating film system is constructed with a focus on safety and reliability. This is because the underlying thermal insulation materials and surface decoration materials will not burn out and no fire hazards will occur. As a result, the system eliminates the drawbacks and safety issues present in traditional constant power electric heating films, thereby providing reliable and secure heating under any operating conditions.


    Customized Electric Heating Film Sheet3

    Application area

    Electric heating film is a versatile product that finds its applications in a wide range of heating requirements. For instance, it can be used in underfloor heating, electric heated Kang, wall skirting, etc. The film is installed either under the floor or behind the wall, providing an evenly distributed and comfortable heating effect without occupying any extra space or disrupting the overall aesthetics of the room.
    This heating technology is energy-efficient, safe, and easy to install, making it an excellent choice for modern homes, offices, hotels, and other commercial spaces. The electric heating film's versatility and advanced technology make it an ideal solution for anyone seeking to create a warm and comfortable living or working environment.

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