Customized Electric Heating Film Sheet

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The heating core of graphene inorganic composite electric heating film is made of pure inorganic carbon based material (natural graphite), with a carbon content of more than 98%, which can be widely used in various electric heaters, industrial heating appliances, etc.

  • Width: 500mm
  • Length: 100m(Support Customization)
  • Thickness: 350μm
  • Thermal conductivity: 260W/㎡
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    Specifications Performance Parameter
    Width Length Thickness Density Thermal conductivity
    mm m μm g/cm³ W/㎡
    500 100 350 - 260


    Graphite (graphene) self limiting temperature electric heating film is an electric heating film prepared by using conductive polymer thermistor materials with a positive temperature coefficient effect (PTC) and graphene slurry in a certain proportion. The electric heating film has the characteristics of changing power with ambient temperature and its own heating temperature. As the temperature increases, the power decreases, and vice versa, making its heating temperature even under the condition of limiting heat dissipation, It can also be constant within a set safety range. Therefore, the electric heating film heating system constructed with it will not burn out the underlying thermal insulation materials and surface decoration materials, nor cause a fire, greatly improving the safety and reliability of the system, and completely eliminating the defects and safety hazards of traditional constant power electric heating film under any operating conditions.


    Customized Electric Heating Film Sheet1

    Application area

    Electric heating film can be used in various applications, such as underfloor heating, electric heated Kang (traditional Chinese bed-stove), wall skirting (suitable for home and commercial areas with wooden floors, marble, ceramic tiles, etc.). The film is installed under the floor or behind the wall, providing even and comfortable heating without taking up any space or affecting the aesthetics of the room. It is energy-efficient, safe, and easy to install, making it an ideal choice for modern homes, offices, hotels, and other commercial spaces. With its advanced technology and versatile applications, electric heating film is the perfect solution for anyone looking to create a warm and comfortable living or working environment.

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