Inorganic Composite Electrothermal Film

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The graphene inorganic composite electric heating film heating core is made of pure inorganic carbon-based material (natural graphite), with a carbon content of more than 98%, which can be widely used in various electric heaters, industrial heating appliances, etc.

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Customized according to customer requirements: product size, rated power, heating temperature, can be customized.


Inorganic graphene composite electric heating film uses natural graphite, a pure inorganic carbon-based material with a carbon content of more than 98%, which is suitable for various heating appliances and electric heaters. This breakthrough technology overcomes the problems of pollution, oxidation attenuation, current sound, and low electrothermal conversion rate encountered in the manufacturing process of heating core materials such as metal heating films (wires) in the past. Tested by the authoritative National Infrared and Industrial Electric Heating Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the electrothermal conversion rate is over 99%, the normal far infrared emission rate is 8600 hours, and the service life is comparable to that of wireless heating plates. In addition, the carbon content announced by the National Graphene Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is 98.36%. The heating plate has obtained the necessary product certification certificates, and can be customized according to the specific requirements of each electric heater manufacturer.



Application area

Inorganic composite heating film is a type of material with a wide range of applications. One of its main uses is in household electric heaters and wall paintings. These films can be easily incorporated into heating panels, providing an efficient and safe source of warmth for homes and offices.

In addition to household applications, inorganic composite heating films are also commonly used in industrial heating and drying products. The films can be shaped into various forms to suit different industrial processes, such as heating up liquids or drying out materials. They are often preferred over other heating materials due to their low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.

Another application of inorganic composite heating films is in heating medical products. These films are ideal for medical devices that require a precise and constant temperature, such as warming blankets, heating pads, and surgical instruments. Inorganic composite heating films are safe, reliable, and easy to use, making them a popular choice in the healthcare industry.

Finally, inorganic composite heating films are also used in greenhouse insulation and other similar applications. The films can be used to provide a controlled temperature and humidity environment for plants, ensuring optimal growth and productivity. They can also be used to insulate buildings and other structures, providing an energy-efficient solution for heating and cooling.

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