[Ten Achievements] Shandong Province’s top ten scientific and technological achievements in circular economy in 2018

Scientific and technological innovation is the core to promote the development of circular economy. Technological innovation is the key to resource recycling and industry linking. The development of circular economy cannot be separated from the breakthrough of key technologies. After inquiry and discussion, Shandong Provincial Circular Economy Evaluation Committee selected the top ten science and technology achievement awards.

1.Research and development of SCR denitration technology for low-temperature flue gas

Completed by: Shandong Rongxin Group Co., Ltd

Project introduction: Solve the technical problems of catalyst poisoning and low activity at low temperature, use acidic water to prepare ammonia as reducing agent, realize resource recycling and help the development of circular economy.

2.Research, development and industrialization of key technologies of PLA BCF

Completed by: Longfu Huanneng Technology Co., Ltd

Project introduction: Following the construction principle of “high starting point, excellent quality, specialization, and economic scale”, actively adopt new technologies, new processes, and efficient special equipment, use high-quality raw and auxiliary materials, stabilize and improve the quality of polylactic acid expanded fiber, and realize the seamless link between the blanket and carpet industry chain. This technology fills the domestic gap.

3.Comprehensive Recovery Technology of Valuable Elements in Sintering Head Ash of NISCO

Completed by: Rizhao Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd./Rizhao Kunou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Project introduction: The sintering machine head ash, which is very dangerous and difficult to dispose in the steel industry, is used as raw material to produce high-grade potassium chloride, lead zinc concentrate and other products by inorganic chemical method, which solves the problem of alkali and non-ferrous metal recycling enrichment that has plagued the enterprise for many years, effectively recovers iron resources, makes contributions to the enterprise and local environmental protection, and fully realizes energy conservation and emission reduction.

4.Carbon fiber production line solvent recycling project

Completed by: Weihai Development Fiber Co., Ltd

Project introduction: A comprehensive project integrating solvent collection and purification to realize the recycling of carbon fiber production. This process technology has improved the domestic carbon fiber production process system and played a positive role in promoting the benign development of the domestic carbon fiber industry.

5.Development and industrialization project of red mud ecological permeable brick

Completed by: Zibo Tianzhirun Ecological Technology Co., Ltd./Shandong University of Technology

Project introduction: Using red mud as the main raw material, adding an appropriate amount of safe and reliable additives independently developed, and using low temperature and fast burning technology to prepare ecological and environmental permeable bricks. The environmental safety indicators such as high alkalinity, heavy metal dissolution and radioactivity of red mud in the production process were systematically studied, which effectively solved the problem of harmless treatment and disposal of red mud in the whole province. The technology reached the international advanced level, filling the gap of domestic red mud road technology.

6.Research on extension technology of waste tire recycling industry chain

Completed by: Linyi Qitai Rubber Co., Ltd

Project introduction: Through a number of patented technologies such as rubber powder grinding device and preparation of ultra-fine recycled rubber powder, the transformation of waste tires from “black pollution” to fitness equipment has been completed, and the healthy, environmentally friendly and efficient comprehensive utilization of waste tires has been realized.

7.Clean Heating and Multi energy Complementary Technology of Graphene Composites

Completed by: Qingdao Enshu Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd./Qingdao Nanshu Taixing Technology Co., Ltd

Project introduction: It has achieved scientific research breakthroughs in graphene PTC self limiting materials and high-temperature inorganic materials. It is a new circular, economic and safe clean heating technology that uses electricity instead of coal in heating devices and superconducting materials.

8.Energy saving and environmental impact assessment technology of buildings based on life-cycle assessment

Completed by: Shandong Academy of Sciences/Shandong Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy

Project introduction: Aiming at the problem that there is no authoritative quantitative evaluation method for building energy saving transactions at present, this research builds a quantitative evaluation model for building energy conservation and environmental pollution based on the full life cycle evaluation method, and builds a building life-cycle database covering building materials, building processes, and building maintenance and demolition processes. Through the building database and evaluation model, a convenient and simple building life cycle assessment software is developed. It fills the gap in China and has strong promotion value and practical significance.

9.Biofuel molding machine

Completed by: Shandong Jining Tongli Machinery Co., Ltd

Project introduction: The biofuel molding machine is produced through the self-developed double row holes, double row planetary rollers, and two-way rotary chip spitting device with crossed bare wires. All kinds of straws, forestry wastes and industrial wastes are compressed and compacted into granules by forming machines, which can be used as biofuels to replace some non renewable fossil energies such as coal, steam and oil, with good economic and social benefits such as energy conservation, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of straws.

10.Scientific and technological innovation achievements in the recycling economy of potassium sulfate and calcium chloride sodium bicarbonate

Completed by: Qingdao Bay Chemical Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd

Project introduction: Adopt the proprietary technology of clean energy substitution, waste heat utilization, comprehensive utilization of water and processing and utilization of CO2 waste gas generated in the calcium chloride production process to produce soda and other products. The “Mannheim method” potassium sulfate and “calcium acid method” calcium chloride were used to upgrade the technology of circular economy. The utilization rate of CO2 reached 70%, and the annual CO2 emissions could be reduced by about 21000 tons, realizing the double effect function of circular production and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Post time: Mar-06-2019